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Thread: Will Smith Sent a Thank You Card to Woody

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    Will Smith Sent a Thank You Card to Woody

    Vuthithorn “Woody” Milintachinda earned a rare praise from Will SMith.

    The Thai talk show host Woody earned a well-deserved compliment from the Hollywood Icon himself. This happened after an interview he did with Will Smith and son, Jaden Smith. Following the said interview, Will Smith sent him a thank you card that encourages the Thai media personality to continue his great work.

    Will Smith did not mention which part of the interview impressed him the most. It was sure a good praise and is something to be proud of.

    “One of my favorite interviews in a LONG time,” wrote Smith on May 13. “Keep doing that you do, man!” and below the card was his signature.
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    Will smith have done great movies. he is a big star.I am also the one great fan of him.

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