The owners of the luxury cars which were suspected to be involved in a Tax Evasion scandal are some politicians, their relatives, Government Officials and celebrities.

The first vehicles that were targeted by the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) were declared as locally reassembled and worth more than 4 million Baht in the market. The suspicion that some of these vehicles have been wrongly declared in a move to avoid full taxation, especially by the reassembling facilities revealed that the units don't have the technology and the equipment to put together such high-tech cars. There are 6,862 vehicles have been registered as reassembled in Thailand to date, which adds that the relevant authorities will soon be releasing a list of names of people who allegedly own these luxury cars. They are allowed to come out on a voluntary basis but if they're going to ignore, they'll be issued with summon. The DSI will be checking its list of super car owners against that of the Land Transport Department before alerting the owners of the 145 reassembled vehicles suspected of being involved in tax evasion. The Customs Department will block anybody trying to drive a reassembled car out of the country.