The Seagate Technology in Thailand apologized in a statement issued for the input of wrong export data in April that resulted in the incorrect value of Thailand's export in the month.

The wrong export value was caused by inaccurate data input by UPS to the Customs Department computer systems. As soon as they became aware of the mistake, they directed their customs clearance agent to correct the data immediately. In addition, they are working with UPS to improve the process to ensure that the same mistake will not recur in the future.

The Export Entry No. A024 15604 13412, item no. 15, was entered by a vendor of UPS on behalf of Seagate.

The custom clearance agent for the Seagate Technology (Thailand), acknowledged the error made by the vendor. After the export was completed, the Customs Department informed the parties that the product's value keyed in through the electronic systems was wrong. The figures were then immediately corrected. The cause of the vendor's error is being further investigated.

Last week, the Commerce Ministry had to revise the April’s export figure, following the wrong data input. The value of Thailand's computer parts and components export to Hong Kong was overstated at US$12.8 billion or about 372.27 billion Baht. It was later revised to $1.289 billion or 37.5 billion Baht. The wrong data forced the Commerce Ministry to revise the April export growth figure to 2.89 per cent, against 10.52 per cent reported earlier.