The situation at the Nakhon Phanom rescue shelter were thousands of dogs rescued from the dog meat trade are sheltered remains critical with over 3,000 dogs having been taken there in recent weeks.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have donated towards helping the dogs rescued from the illegal dog meat trade. Fortunately the Department of Livestock which is responsible for the 4 shelters where rescued dogs are housed has given permission for Soi Dog to bring in overseas veterinary relief teams to assist.

Over the weekend I have been in contact with World Vets, Worldwide Veterinary Services and the Humane Society International all of which have agreed to send emergency veterinarian teams.

The situation is still grim and your help is needed now so that as many dogs as possible can be saved.

A second team of 3 veterinarians are scheduled to arrive in Bangkok this morning and will proceed directly to the shelter. Additional quarantine cages are scheduled to arrive today and several hundred distemper/parvo test kits were taken with the first relief team. A third team of veterinarians will arrive on Saturday. Many other vets and nurses are on standby around the world to lend further assistance as required.

The cost of funding relief efforts as well as caring for the thousands of other dogs rescued from the dog meat trade and held at other shelters in the North East is enormous. The cost of providing food and medicine for the dogs at Nakhon Phanom continues to rise and your support is urgently needed! The amount already spent for just the dogs at Nakhon Phanom is already in excess of $45,000. Only with your immediate help can these dogs receive the lifesaving care they deserve!

In Bangkok Soi Dog staff are waiting on standby to purchase all drugs and medications as requested by the veterinarian teams and to arrange overnight transport to the shelter. Supplies of interferon which attacks the distemper virus have been sourced and will be flown up as the vets require. At nearly $100 per dog interferon is extremely expensive but very effective. Another expensive drug which boosts the immune system enabling the dogs to better resist infection has also been sourced.

The limited treatment to date appears to have been based on wide use of antibiotics which may have helped some dogs symptoms but is ineffective in stopping epidemic transmission of distemper and parvo virus. We will do whatever we can to save as many dogs as possible but this can only happen with your support!

Dr. Burin of the Department of Livestock who oversees the rescue shelters agrees with Soi Dog that the Nakhon Phanom shelter should serve only as an intake center where rescued dogs receive initial treatment, proper assessment for communicable disease, vaccination and then the dogs transferred to shelters to the south at Buriram which is far more suited to accommodate them.

Through the generosity of supporters Soi Dog is funding the construction of shelters at Buriram to house the rescued dogs. Work continues as quickly as possible with the first shelter nearly completed and work having begun on the second of 10 planned shelters. Each shelter will cost in excess of $40,000 and each will house 500 dogs.


10 shelters at Buriram are needed to provide the best possible accommodation for all the dogs, but it will take time to raise the necessary funds. The Magic 1000 club has been established to care for and feed the rescued dogs. At present there are 472 members in the Magic 1000 Club but at least 1000 members are needed to cover the ongoing costs. Will you join the Magic 1000 today? If you have not already done so please become one of the Magic 1000 now! Your donation of one dollar a day (or whatever you can afford) will feed and care for 4 dogs who would otherwise go hungry. More members are desperately needed to maintain ongoing supplies.

A huge thank you to everyone who has already become one of the Magic 1000! Many thanks also to the vets and nurses helping and to the Humane Society International, Worldwide Veterinary Service and World Vets for their fast response. Many thanks to the Fondation Brigitte Bardot, NetAP Switzerland, The Marchig Trust and Animal Protection Network Sweden for their support.

Stopping the illegal trade and helping the survivors is only possible because of your support!