An Aston Martin Rapide S powered by pure hydrogen is the first car of its kind to compete in an International racing and completed an emission-free lap of a racing circuit.

The historical drive came during a 24-hour meeting in mid May at Germany’s Nuerburgring circuit with a team led by Aston Martin head Ulrich Bez. They achieved the very ambitious goal which they set, the goal was to complete a lap of the 20.8-kilometer Nuerburgring circuit running on hydrogen fuel only. The Aston Martin carried the competition number 100 and was the sole entry in its own special class. The car reached a top speed of 255 kilometers per hour during the race with regular Aston Martins. The 6-liter, V-12 engine fitted to the Rapide S can burn either petrol or hydrogen, the only emission is water vapor if it's hydrogen. For most of the race, petrol was used. A switch was flipped to feed in hydrogen for the historic lap. Refuelling during the event took only 30 seconds from hydrogen fuel stored at 350 bars of pressure. It displayed a workable technology that can meet the challenge of reducing emissions faster.

The hydrogen used for the test runs came from German industrial gas giant Linde.