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Thread: A 5-year-old Boy Bullied to Death

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    A 5-year-old Boy Bullied to Death

    A 5-year-old boy died violently caused by 2 school bullies.

    Anupat Samtong, or "Nong (little brother) Nont", was a first year kindergarten student at a school in Suphanburi province. He was admitted to Chaophraya Hospital in the province since 1 March this year with a broken arm and internal bruising. He had been in a coma ever since, and later moved to Chulalongkorn Hospital. Yesterday, the doctors announced that Anupat had passed away. His condition was described as continuously deteriorating every day since he was admitted to the hospital.

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    Where is the teachers at this school? Broken arm is not bully thats abuse and a serious crime. What kids do that?
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