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Thread: Ladyboys Dancing Naked to Splash Out Posted Public Apology

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    Ladyboys Dancing Naked to Splash Out Posted Public Apology

    This video clip is an online apology made by these 2 ladyboys who danced to the hit song “Splash Out", by 3.2.1 and Baitoei R-siam, naked.

    The ladyboys published this video as an online apology and begging the internet users to stop sharing their video clip. The recent video Man Naen Ok Loey Tong Thod, went viral after the duo went all out dancing. The video raised public criticism especially from the transgender community. Some of their fellow transgender women made video clips condemning the duo that they are tainting the reputation of all the transgender women in Thailand.

    The Police have removed the original clip and will bring both ladyboys for questioning. They may face charges on Online Pornography.

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    and meanwhile the naked dancing goes on in all Go Go bars.
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