Two pickup trucks collided in Krabi with 9 deaths and 7 injuries.

The accident happened at the dangerous curve known as harm tai (forbidden to die). The Toyota pickup was carrying wedding guests returning to Trang from Phuket and an Isuzu with one ferrying road Construction Workers, were in total wreck. At the scene, 6 passengers died and there were 10 that were injured. The injured passengers were rushed to the hospital in the area.

According to the Police investigation, the driver of the Construction Workers lost control on the slippery road and slammed right into the Wedding Guest's pickup truck. The Police were able to identify only 3 of the 9 who died in the accident, they were: Haroon Komkum, 22, from Narathiwat; Gudee Dudobe, 20, from Narathiwat; and Wandee Jeemung, 61, from Trang. The Police believes the road conditions were the cause of the accident, however, they are still in the middle of the investigation.