The Government's controversial policy on closing small schools brought so much pressure on the parents.

A seminar was held regarding this policy, proposing that enrolling students every other year at the primary school level is a good solution sighted by some Educators. According to Professor Theera Rooncharoen, chairman of the Career Development of Educational Management Association of Thailand, there are other proposals that include teaching 3 2-year classes, utilizing self-centered teaching methods (dubbed constant curriculum) and transferring students to nearby larger schools. He added that the quality of education does not always mean good grades. It also means happiness of students, they're being good morally and academically. The problems with the existing public schools were; frequent transferring of teachers, teacher's lack professionalism and good academic backgrounds, poor management, lack of teachers' development and not using the technology in supporting education, he added.

One of the first small schools to follow the policy is the Baan Khoke Mamuang School, having only 10 students. The students will be sent to Baan Khlong Teng School which is 3 kilometers away from their old school but no transportation was arranged. The budget, which is allocated for their daily transport for 150 Baht or 15 Baht every student is not enough for a motorcycle ride. One of the only 2 teachers in this school kept on convincing the student's parents to keep their children in going to school.