A complaint was filed yesterday against the 3 Leaders of a Red Shirt group, who allegedly filed a false police complaint.

The three judges, who voted to accept a petition against the Article 68 amendment, had submitted the complaint to the Thung Song Hong police station. The complaint alleges that Pongpisit Kongsena, alias Lek Bandon, Malairak Thonchai and Charn Chaiya, filed a complaint with police, which was based on a false statement, thus damaging the judge's reputation. The three Red Shirts are leaders of the People's Radio for Democracy Group, which earlier held a protest in front of the court, demanding the three judges resign. The judges allege the move by the three red shirts was a malicious attempt to harm their reputations. In the judges' complaint yesterday, they insisted they had the authority to review the petition. It said the three leaders of the small red-shirt group had also damaged their reputations by giving interviews to the media, during which they claimed they would send copies of their complaint to other red-shirt groups nationwide and urge those groups to also file complaints at police stations around the country.