The Rural Teachers Society's Northeastern pronounced judgement against the closing down of small schools in Thailand.

The Teachers held a forum yesterday by the Federation of Teachers Associations of Thailand, where the Vice President of the society Wittaya Panpeng said that the said closure is a violation against the 2007 Constitution. Wittaya argued that if schools in the Rural areas are closed, many more children are going to leave school. He added that the Government has the duty to ensure that Education services will reach all children in Thailand and enjoy the privilege of 12-years of free education. They should have asked the local communities regarding their wishes on the said policy before deciding to close it down and besides, there are many Teachers who disagree and are planning to protest against the Education Ministry along with the parents and the students, he said.

The Education Minister Phongthep Thepkanjana stood by his policy in improving the quality of Educational Services in Thailand. He said that they are only closing just some of the small schools and not all of them. And they're going to provide transportation for the children for free to study in a different school, he added. They are not going to close a small school especially if it's the only school in that area and he concluded that, the merging of schools will give a better access to learning materials.