The website of the Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra office was hacked last Wednesday which posted offensive comments on the latest bombards on her character.

Comments like "I'm a slutty moron" and "I know that I am the worst Prime Minister ever in Thailand history!!!", signed by the "Unlimited Hack Team", emerged on the picture of the Prime Minister. After the incident the website was quickly shut down and the government warned the hackers a heavy punishment when caught.

Suranand Vejjajiva, the Secretary-General of the Prime Minister said that it might have been done by some teenagers or otherwise done for political purposes. He also said that hacking a website is easy but checking who did it is not hard either. If we find them, they will be charged under the Computer Crime Act, he added.

This hacking follows a few days after the Prime Minister filed a lawsuit against the Cartoonist, who allegedly compared her to a prostitute. The Cartoonist aimed at her Democracy forum in Mongolia where she gave a fervent speech.