Mr. Paisan Limsatit (ไพศาล ลิ้มสถิต), an academic from Health Laws and Ethics Center ,Thammasat University, stated during a meeting on gambling prevention among youths, that, according to records, 16.7 million people regularly visit online casino related websites; more than half of that figure are youths aged between 15-19 year-old.

Mr. Paisan said even though the activities of the youngsters mainly involve listening to streaming music, watching online VDO, using social network, or emails, the word 'casino' appears in 1,548 items from app store search engines.

App store can easily be accessed from any tablet connected to the internet.

He urged the government and other related agencies to establish clear policies regarding online gambling, showing concerns that children can access these online casino effortlessly via the tablets from the government's One Child One Tablet scheme.

-News from NNT