Department director-general Wibunlak Ruamrak has disclosed she will meet with the retailers this week to reemphasize her request for each food court shop to provide at least some dishes that cost between 30-35 baht, to help keep the cost of living from soaring. This meeting with retailers is being called after Internal Trade Department officials found that some food court stalls have raised the price of dishes to 40 baht, from 35 baht. The stalls claim to have made the raise because they were affected by the cooking gas price. Ms. Wibunlak said this was not a reasonable claim, but said the request for the price-capping will be on a voluntary, not mandatory, basis.

As for palm oil price, Ms. Wibunlak said the ceiling for retail price will be maintained at 42 baht for a 1-liter bottle. This is being done to prevent the price that palm growers receive from dropping even further, after it has dropped to 2.9 – 3.0 baht per kilogram. With the drop in raw material cost, palm oil can practically be retailed at 35-39 baht per 1-liter bottle. However, some brands may incur advertising costs as additional expenses, making it difficult for them to cut their price, she noted.

-News from NNT