The operators were instructed to expand their networks to cover 50 percent of the country’s area in two years but it turned out that they will possibly complete their task by the end of this year as they are sharing broadband towers. The fierce competition in Thailand’s mobile phone services will compel three major operators to reduce fees for third-generation (3G) wireless broadband on the 2.1 gigahertz frequency at less than 15 per cent which was as earlier imposed by the authority, it was disclosed.

The country’s top three operators will roll out their 3G mobile services, starting with Advanced Info Service (AIS) today, True Move tomorrow and DTAC on Thursday. Col Sethapong, chairman of the NBTC telecom committee, said that the 2G mobile service will continue as the concessions have yet to expire. NBTC will ensure that operators provide efficient 2G service to others, he said.