The appointed Senator Somchai Sawaengkarn, called to impose a security law that would deal with the planned rally on the Constitutional Court. He said that the same standard should be used when the police forcefully dispersed an Anti-Thaksin rally late last year.

"If the government does nothing to deal with the red shirts using the 2008 Security Act, it could be deemed as practising double standards," he said. Somchai also offered a way out to the Pheu Thai-led government. "It could announce that the number of protesters will not be large and hence, a special law and control measures were not needed," he added.

The Red Shirts which is led by a group of DJs hosting pro-Thaksin radio programs, vowed to bring 100,000 people from 37 provinces to rally with them outside the court to protest against the court's role in what they consider is against this government.

The Pheu Thai executives had tried to talk to the Red Shirt leaders out of the rally, but have failed to convince them. Both sides later reached an agreement that the rally would not be held if fewer than 100,000 people turned up on Wednesday. It has already been 15 days as of today, a lot of Red Shirt protesters are already camping outside the compound.