The local leaders and residents are complaining about the illegal dumping of toxic wastes in their town in a plot of land owned by the mother of a councillor for the Tambon Pop Phra Administrative Organization, where an unspecified amount of wastes was allegedly dumped last month. The residents have complained that the wastes smells bad and is causing nasal irritation.

"When it rains, I can see smoke coming from the pile of toxic waste or chemicals and rising into the air as high as the tops of the trees. It causes dizziness. I am worried that it will leak into our water sources. ", said Ampai Changrod, 54, who lives within 300 meters of the pile of toxic waste.

Though not many residents dared to speak up, some of them were apparently worried about their safety amid reports that the wastes came from Chachoengsao's Phanom Sarakham district, where Prajob Naowa-opas, a village head, was shot dead on February 25 during his attempts to stop the illegal dumping of toxic waste.

They are now trying to bring media attention to their plight. The local officials will not allow the dumping of toxic waste and chemicals in the area because it would hurt the local environment, Panya said.

"If the land owner still does nothing to remove the toxic waste, we will take legal action under current environmental laws," he said.