Some of the residents in Bon Kai community on Rama IV Road have to evacuate from the area for safety’s sake due to potential violent confrontations between government troops and protestors of the United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD).

People living in the community started packing up and evacuated to live with relatives in nearby areas. UDD protestors have been rallying in the community for three consecutive days during which gunshots and explosions could be heard days and nights. Some shops and banks were looted.

Some of the residents admit that they are afraid of the situation and want to leave; however, they are also worried about their homes. People in the community have established protection volunteers to prevent both protestors and ill-intentioned people from inciting situation in their community.

Meanwhile, UDD protestors were reported to burn car tyres at various spots on Rama IV Road this morning, sending up black smoke all over the area; however, no further violence has been reported.

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