The short film was created by Kerati Wannalertsiri. It was chosen to be shown in the "Ploy-Saeng" project of the Thailand Creative and Design Centre last year.

"The Fall of Ayutthaya", a clip lasting about seven minutes, uses graphics and animation to detail the historical event and compares the political situation at that time with circumstances today.

This film went public on November 13 but hit the social media only last Sunday when it appeared on the "show clip" page on Facebook. And this time, "The Fall of Ayutthaya" has attracted 32,013 likes and had been shared 47,763 times as of yesterday.

Kerati, 23, graduated in architecture from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, where he directed plays of his faculty. He has also joined the "Your TV" workshop of Nation Channel.

He said theatre taught him about the learning and thinking process and the workshop taught him how to use a video-editing program.

Some people who watched this video said they couldn't understand when they studied history. But the video made them understand the second fall of Ayutthaya in seven minutes. Kerati said that he would make more videos like this because it doesn't only talk about history but also makes people think about the country.