The Red Shirt Activists in Thailand have threatened to close off the Constitution Court today regarding their demands on the resignation of all nine judges.

The demonstrators, which is led by Red Shirt radio station chief Pongpisit Kongsena, pitched tents and built a platform for their rally near the court during the past two days to pressure the judges.

Metropolitan and anti-riot police have been deployed to provide security for the judges and protect the court compound.

A statement by representatives of 13 community radio stations was handed to a senior Constitution Court official yesterday afternoon calling on all nine justices to suspend their duties to pave the way for the direct election of new judges.

They said they would block the Constitution Court today if no reply had been given by 8 pm yesterday.

Spokesman Kamol Sotipoka said Court officials were unconcerned by the demonstration and that the threat to close the Court was merely a show of power.

Pro-government Pheu Thai MP Samart Kaewmeechai pledged earlier that he would spearhead impeachment of the nine Constitution Court judges to protest the court’s decision to accept a petition against the move by 312 lawmakers to amend Section 68 of the Constitution.

The petition was submitted earlier to the Constitution Court by a group of senators.

Mr Samart said that the court was not authorized to "interfere" in the duties of the legislative branch.

The Pheu Thai party, however, distanced itself from MP Samart’s move.

The spokesman said that the petition has yet to be put on the Court’s regular agenda.