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Thread: Bus drivers reported as reckless by passengers to be fined

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    Bus drivers reported as reckless by passengers to be fined

    The Land Transport Department will fine drivers of buses who were reported by passengers as reckless drivers.

    As many as 12,000 calls were made to the department’s 1584 hotline for protection of public transport users, during the Songkran period. The calls were mostly made to inquire about bus routes, tourism sites and items left on public transports.

    Complaints were lodged against taxi drivers that declined to pick up passengers and those who were offensive or who failed to let passengers get off at the agreed spot. Complaints were also made against public van, bus and minibus drivers who drove recklessly, who did not stop at bus stops, and who displayed offensive behavior. Excess charging of fees was also reported.

    The department will call in the drivers in question for interrogation, and then fine them.

    -News from NNT

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    The Bus are said to be the King of the Road. You can't just easily get through on the lane because they had the guts to cut you on the road.

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    If driver is driving for public, he must perform his duty with proper care and honesy. Driver should be reliable. There are a lot of responsibilities on a driver regarding public. The need of the hour is to aware them for their responsibilities by the government.

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