TrueVisions, a leading subscription-based television operator, with the English Premier League (EPL) no longer on its program list has earmarked more than 1.5 billion Baht for new content and technology, offering more high-definition (HD) channels and a fee discount for existing customers to retain them.The audio and visual broadcasting rights to the EPL soccer matches for the next three seasons were secured by Cable Thai Holdings (CTH), a group of 300 local cable operators. A top executive at TrueVisions insisted that losing the EPL would have only a small effect on his company.
It conducted a survey on the likely impact on its business after the broadcasting of the current EPL season ends in May. Attaphon na Bangxang, Chief programming officer for TrueVisions said that the company would offer six more HD channels in addition to the current 17. Aside from the new HD channels, TrueVisions will offer a more standard - definition (SD) channels and repackage them to increase the value of existing customers. The customers who are enjoying the packages will be able to use 'TrueVisions Anywhere', a service that allows customers to get access to its TV programs via multiple platforms such as TV, tablet and smart phone. Under this 1.5-billion Baht plan, the company will invest in new transmission technology, related equipment and new TV content. The Managing director Anat Mekpaiboonvatana added that existing customers could get a 100 Baht discount on their monthly subscription fee if they declined the upgraded service. The valid term for the fee discount is one year.

"Under our marketing strategies for this year, the company will also stress the customer relationship program via customer privileges that are associated with True Corp's 'True You'," Anat said.