The Red-shirt chairperson Thida Thavornseth Friday filed a petition with the Metropolitan Police Bureau asking for it to unmask the offender behind the arson attack on CentralWorld in 2010. She said that society has been misled into blaming the red shirts for the fire. She also added that she wanted police to bring those who are accountable for arson and for killing people during the political disturbance to justice. In response to the request, Metropolitan Police deputy commissioner Maj-General Anuchai Lekbamrung said that the police had cooperated with the Department of Special Investigation in solving the arson case, which led to an acquittal verdict. He said that if the red shirts have fresh evidence the police would be happy to pursue the new lead. Metropolitan Police commissioner Lt-General Kamronwit Thoopkrajang said that he would appoint an investigative panel to re-examine the facts related to the arson case. On the other hand, the red shirts will hold a rally on April 10 at Rajdamnoen Avenue to mark the months-long protest in 2010. That rally is scheduled to run from 1pm to midnight and motorists are advised to avoid the area.