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Thread: Deceiving Staff at Department Stores

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    Deceiving Staff at Department Stores

    In case you haven’t noticed I wanted to bring this to your attention. Do you wonder why most of the Department Stores in Thailand have staff who are just standing around? The main reason is that they are not really staff but sales persons of the companies who push their products. They commonly wear the same uniform of the department store so you would think that they are staff there. However when you ask them where a certain product is or for advice on a product they will only show you their company's products. The truth is a competitor's product might be in a different section so you’ll never know they exist. You have a situation where you have competing sales persons and you can't trust anyone for advice because they will only show you their products. Observe closely, they will usually have a small company logo somewhere on their uniform to deceive you. The moral of the story is if you are looking for something, don't trust their advice immediately, but look around for some more as there is likely to be many more choices available often at better quality or price.

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    Oh I know their schemes too, in fact, I noticed them all the time! I'm just wondering how much were they paid for doing such?

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