Last Tuesday, April 9, at the Central Festival has opened another first in Thailand, the Evolution Cinema Planetarium. It is the latest innovation in cinema that has a wide dome-shaped screen that gives a 360-degree virtual reality experience. According to Project Director Sergei Kovalev and Manager Chanapa “Cookie” Jiso, this most advanced technology is best for entertaining and presenting education in a more absorbing way. They have films for all ages to educate them about the entire Universe. There are a lot of schools who are so much interested in this project because of its exciting new way of learning. One of the movies available is about the History of the Universe from the Big Bang to the present and a lot more. The planetarium can hold up to 38 audiences with comfortable reclining seats where one can view the entire dome. All the films are available in English, Russian and Thai soundtracks. The soundtrack would depend on the group of audiences watching. The price ranges from 10 Baht for ages under 5 to 520 Baht for adults or referred to as Gold Seats. It is open every day at 11:45 am until the last full show at 10:10 pm.