Recently the Phuket Gazette published an online poll concerning “management” of street dogs in Phuket. On the surface this may not seem particularly important however it very much is in that such polls do influence governmental policies.

In Soi Dog’s opinion the poll is biased, flawed to the point of the absurd and was clearly written by someone who is ignorant of stray animal population control. The poll contains no options for the ONLY scientifically proven (and humane) method of stray animal population control in SE Asia this being sterilization. The closest option to an informed and intelligent answer is the fourth one (“No, there’s no need to collect them, they’re not a big problem in Phuket.”) and I encourage you to take a moment and vote for this option (fourth option).

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It might appear to some readers that option 1 is the most humane option. It is not for a variety of reasons including:

1. The government pound by its own admission does not have the financial resources to care for the dogs currently at the pound. The animals are not sterilized, not vaccinated nor do they receive medical treatment. In fact Soi Dog has in the past had to give the pound food simply to feed the dogs! If all the dogs in Phuket were taken to the pound they would be stacked 5 deep!

2. Removing stray populations only makes matters worse as unsterilized animals move into the territory and breed. The only proven & effective answer to stray populations is CNVR (capture, sterilize, vaccinate, release) Rounding up dogs only makes the problem worse as unsterilized dogs move into the vacant territory and breeding continues.

The best option which is notably missing from the poll would be to conduct an island wide sterilization program as Soi Dog is currently doing with the support and full cooperation of the local governments on Phuket. This program sees 10,000 dog sterilized each year.

Please take a moment to vote in the poll and make YOUR voice heard!

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Rounding dogs up and placing them in dog pounds has no effect whatsoever on the overall population, as the unsterilized remainder will always rapidly breed to fill the void.

It has been scientifically proven that spaying & neutering 75% to 80% of a population of a species will see a reduction in numbers.