If I were asked what I would most like to see in my lifetime my answer would be seeing an end to Asia’s illegal dog meat trade.

I would like to take a moment to thank those of you supporting the work being done towards accomplishing ending the trade. What you have accomplished thus far is both unique and powerful. Change has occurred in many ways: politically, culturally and practically.

Awareness within Thailand as well as internationally has grown significantly. The documentary Shadow Trade by Environment Films will soon be released internationally. Shadow Trade provides an in-depth view into the trade and the motivations behind the trade. Please take a moment to watch this trailer:

Soi Dog Foundation is pleased to announce that we have formed an alliance with the Humane Society International, Animals Asia Foundation and Change for Animals Foundation, with the initial aim of stopping the illegal and cruel trade of live dogs from Thailand, Laos and Cambodia to Vietnam.

The Alliance has been named the Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA), and will soon host a conference of government representatives from Vietnam, Thailand and Laos at the end of June. The focus will be on the elimination of rabies, as all these countries have signed the ASEAN group of nation’s commitment to eliminate rabies by the year 2020. The cross border trade in unvaccinated dogs is severely compromising this agreement.

Soi Dog is very pleased to announce that there has been a significant curtailment in the number of live dogs being smuggled from Thailand in recent months thanks to the cooperation between Soi Dog’s undercover agents and the Thai authorities.

Since intervention beginning in 2011 more arrests of smugglers occurred than in the preceding 15 years! This has allowed our agents to focus on the traffickers who make their money by stealing pets and selling them for both the international trade and local consumption. You may have read reports regarding several recent arrests of drivers at check points based on information given by our agents to the Royal Thai Police.

Soi Dog employs a number of agents in both Thailand and Laos as our main aim remains to stop the trade. To care for the dogs rescued from the trade the Magic 1000 Club was established to provide food and medical treatment for the dogs rescued. It is inevitable that the number of dogs going to these shelters will increase until the trade is finally stopped.

In just the last month 4 arrests have occurred as a result of Soi Dog’s undercover agents working with the Royal Thai Police. Hundreds of dogs like Popcorn (pictured here recently after her rescue) have been saved.

Soi Dog, through our supporters is the only charity in Thailand and internationally providing food for these dogs and sterilizing them to ensure thousands of unwanted puppies are not born at the shelters. Puppies borne in these environments stand virtually no chance of survival and would surely die.

Soi Dog is totally committed to ending the international dog meat and skin trade but we can only do this with your help.