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Thread: Number of Education Graduates Increasing

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    Number of Education Graduates Increasing

    Office of the Higher Education Commission has revealed that the number of graduating teachers has been increasing; but many institutions produce low-quality teachers.

    The office said that this year’s intake of teaching students will subsequently produce around 240,000 new teachers in 2017, while the number of retiring teachers in the next seven years will be around 200,000. Rajabhat universities produce around 62% of teacher graduates.

    The troubling concerns is that many institutions only provide teaching courses to respond to the demand; but do not consider the quality of the graduates nor the impending unemployment rate as the teachers’ number is too great.

    Education Minister Phongthep Thepkanjana is asking the Office of Higher Education Commission to come up with a system to control the quality and number of teachers produce.

    Teaching courses with the highest number of graduates are physical education, health education, and Thai boxing.

    News from NNT

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    This is quite alarming. Students should choose their major wisely. The government should also encourage them to choose other courses to have a better work opportunity.

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    They just want to become teacher to get great benefits, they know that working with any government is good for you and you get money from students as well.

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    If they want to be a teacher, they should uplift their knowledge by going to Masteral degree. And they should encourage themselves if they want to pursue the course that they've gone for almost 4 years. It is just a waste if they'll just shift or change another course.

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