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Thread: Coupons for digital TV to be distributed first to City Dwellers

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    Coupons for digital TV to be distributed first to City Dwellers

    With the world shifting into the digital age, Thailand has come up with plans for analog switch-off and digital switch-on. The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) will next year distribute coupons to help people purchase the set-top boxes for receiving digital TV signal, while all television operators will shift to the digital system.

    NBTC Vice Chairman Col. Natee Sukolrat said that the by October next year the commission will begin distributing coupons to 22 million households to help them purchase the set-top boxes for receiving digital TV. The first groups will be Bangkokians and residents in large cities. The NBTC expected the distribution to cover all targeted 22 million households or 95% of the country by 2017.

    The CAT Telecom Public Company Limited has planned to grant licenses to television operators to broadcast in the digital system by April 2014; while licenses for public service channels will be given in May. The auction for 24-hour digital channels will take place during July to August 2014. Three months after the auction, or around October, the set-top box coupons for households will be distributed.

    As digital broadcast in Thailand has yet to be fully formed; Col. Natee said many television sets sold in the kingdom remain analog ones.

    When asked to compare having digital receiver inside the television and having a set-top box separated from the television, the NBTC Vice Chairman said many countries, such as Great Britain, do not install the receiver inside the TV as the repair works will be costly. As for Thailand, he explained that if having set-top box separated from the TV, audience will have to purchase only the receiver box, which is around 800-3,000 baht each. They do not have to throw away their old TV sets.

    Col. Natee added the coupon is only aimed at lessening people’s burden in purchasing the set-top boxes; those who are able to buy more expensive boxes could do so as desire.

    The NBTC Vice Chairman commented that Thailand is among the last countries to switch from analog to digital system in ASEAN; but he believed Thailand will be able to adjust fast. He said other nations are having problems with the network expansion; but Thailand is instead focusing on granting licenses to the existing operators.

    The International Telecommunication Union has advised all countries to switch from analog to digital. The process may take years for a nation to completely shift to digital. So far countries in Europe, the US, and Japan have already completely switched off their analog systems. And Thailand is on its path to do so.

    News from NNT

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    This is a big move forward. Kudos Thailand!

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    Do we really need more junk channels?

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    wow, switching from analog to digital is very difficult. But i think you can make it Thailand

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