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Thread: Suspect of British couple cyclists' fatal road accident released on bail

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    Suspect of British couple cyclists' fatal road accident released on bail

    Worapong Sangkhawat, the driver of the pick up who hit Peter Root and Mary Thompson while cycling that led to their death on the Route 304 Phnom Sarakam-Kabinburi Road was released on bail last Monday, February 18. The police reported that he also had several injuries because of the crash and he paid 300,000 Baht as bail bond. The police are still on the process of collecting evidences and if proven that he was driving recklessly during that time he could face jail time of 10 years. Meanwhile the bodies of the victims are being kept in a charity association in the province while waiting for the order from authorities to collect them and bring them back to UK. Their families have been informed of the unfortunate event and they are being given consular services. Some of their memories
    like photos and travel journals are available on their website. The couple had been to 23 countries together after deciding to go on a world tour that started last
    July 2011.

    News from PTNA - Personal Thailand News Agency

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    I hope it won't take long for the police to collect evidences. I mean I don't want the suspect to fled. He was able to give 300,000 Baht bail and for sure he has the money to fled. I really hope justice will be served.

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