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Thread: Furby Doll Scam

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    Furby Doll Scam


    Some scammers have take advantage of the renewed popularity of Furby Dolls in Thailand.

    A woman who is a primary suspect of Furby scam turned herself in.
    Chonnikarn Taichilasoonthorn denied all charges even though she admitted that her site was the one advertising the sale of Furby dolls.
    According to her one of her regular customers, named Nat, approached her and convinced her to use her site to sell Furby Dolls.
    Nat also asked her to use Ms Chonnikarn's personal bank account for the sales since Nat is half Italian and it's hard for her to open
    a bank account in Thailand.

    So far there are 52 customers complaining. The approximate damage costs around 7million Baht.

    Chonnikarn Taichilasoonthorn was released after paying the bail of 1.7million Baht. It was reported that her father shouldered the bail.
    The investigation will continue according to the police.

    News from PTNA - Personal Thailand News Agency

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    I don't understand women's obsession over Furby Dolls. These toys are overpriced and they look a bit weird.

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    Furby dolls are cute! I want one too.

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    Does anyone know where I can get furby dolls at a cheap price?

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    Doll Collections I do not think you should get the cheap once since they are fake....
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    I don't care if it's expensive as long as it's not fake.

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