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Thread: Working Visa in Phuket is Now Harder to Get

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    Working Visa in Phuket is Now Harder to Get

    Locals have been reported to complain about the number of foreigners working in Phuket. They claim that these foreigners are snatching some job opportunities from them. It has been noted that there are about 8,635 foreigners in Phuket with valid working visas. Most of these foreigners
    are working in the tourism industry.

    Following the complaint of the locals, government officials are now implementing strict visa criteria.
    And a fine will be imposed for those who are working illegally and those who are violating visa restrictions.

    News from PTNA - Personal Thailand News Agency

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    This just sucks big time. I was planning to work in Phuket or even put up my own business.

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    You will just get a fine of 2000 THB and do it again.
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    Phuket is always in the front since so many foreigners live there. Sometimes you do not even think you are in Thailand anymore.

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    I heard there are a lot of Filipinos working in Phuket? How's the working condition there?

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    They always get more foreign workers maybe because they're far more hardworking than the locals.

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