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Thread: Thailand to Crack down on Intellectual Property Rights

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    Thailand to Crack down on Intellectual Property Rights

    -The Ministry of Commerce will take serious action against any intellectual property rights violations after meeting with representatives from Motion Picture Association of America (MPA), who have pleaded Thailand for stricter control on illegal filming of movies in movie theaters.

    Deputy Commerce Minister Mr. Nattawut Saikuea said the MPA wanted Thailand to put extra efforts in protecting IP rights for movie makers. According to him, the Association would like to see the sections of the amended property rights law dealing with illegal filming in the cinema clarified.

    The Deputy Minister added that the issue would be proposed to the Cabinet for consideration during its mobile meeting in Uttaradit province next Tuesday. It is important to reinforce the law as illegal filming has become so sophisticated that the video shooter is now able to immediately upload the video clips onto the cyberspace via satellite transmission .

    The Commerce Ministry has informed the MPA of its decision to propose to the Cabinet that it pass the law on the subject matter. In addition, the Ministry has sought cooperation from the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and the Economic Crime Suppression Division as well as other related agencies to focus on combating IP right violations this year, said Natawut.

    Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of every IP-related law to make sure no one breaks the law in future. The move will also help remove Thailand , now under the microscope for IP right infringements, from the US’s Priority Watch List, the Deputy Commerce Minister concluded.

    News from NNT
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    I think they keep saying this but never doing anything about it.

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    goodluck to the government

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