Sea Lion suffered from lack of calcium in his early months and X-ray later should that Sea Lion had serious issues with his legs that would require specialist treatment in America.

Sea Lion's future looked grim... but then something wonderful happened for him. Volunteers brought Sea Lion to Soi Dog's Bangkok clinic and Sea Lion's life began to change. Australian Soi Dog volunteers Ellie and Robin met Sea Lion and it was love at first site! Ellie and Robin decided then and there that they would adopt Sea Lion and make him part of their family.

Ellie describes the start of Sea Lion's amazing journey...

"I first met Sea Lion at Soi Dog’s Bangkok Clinic. Sea Lion is amazing & as I type tears well up in my eyes. He was so friendly and happy and when I first met him, he was playing with a little girl and another dog. When I met Sea Lion the connection was made. I knew our destiny would be together.

I was determined to give Sea Lion a new life so Robin and I went about contacting many charities looking for a foster home in the USA where Sea Lion would need to stay due to Australian quarantine laws. Each time I got a rejection we contacted three more. We never gave up. I eventually came across American Dog Rescue and emailed a wonderful man, Arthur E Benjamin. Arthur said he would find me a foster home and was true to his word and connected me to Linda Mason of Education and Animal Rescue Society in Dallas.

See the Video from Sea Lion in his new home.


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