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Thread: Bt1.2 billion Worth Samui and Pha-nga of Power Failures

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    Bt1.2 billion Worth Samui and Pha-nga of Power Failures

    Three days of power failures on the resort islands of Samui island and Pha-ngan have caused damages worth 1.2 billion baht.

    The calculation was based on the estimate that about 75,000 tourists visited koh Samui every month and each spent about Bt3,200 per day. He said the blackouts directly affected the spending of tourists, who ended up cutting short their visits, and this might even have a long-term effect on the industry if foreigners lose confidence.

    The blackouts also affected other sectors in terms of money being circulated in the economy of the two islands, though the banks did not stop doing business during 3 days.

    The PEA said it had mobilized 300 technicians to repair the damaged cables under the advice of three foreign engineers and had managed to restore power to both islands at 4.28am yesterday.

    About 70 % or 30,000 tourists had chosen to cut short or cancel their trips because of the power disruption, causing a shortfall of at least 120 million baht in income per day.

    The president of the Pha-ngan Tourism Promotion Association, said power disruption on her island had severely damaged tourism, adding that almost all foreign tourists decided to leave because they were not able to communicate with the outside world and could not carry out financial transactions.
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    Well cutting down the forest on the Samui hill will cause the flooding to be worse every year? The government should not allow anymore hotels or houses on Samui ever.
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