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Thread: Culture Minister to Push Thailand Forward to be The Hub of Film Industry

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    Culture Minister to Push Thailand Forward to be The Hub of Film Industry

    The Ministry of Culture is planning to push Thailand forward to be the hub of film and video industry in Asia and globally.

    Culture Minister Sonthaya Kunplome said his ministry has planned eight strategies to boost the film and video industry for operations in the second phase during 2012-2016.

    The strategies comprise of the production capacity development, the industrial management restructuring, personnel development, domestic and international market development, piracy suppression, value cultivation, film shooting promotion and investment promotion.

    The minister added that the ministry will propose the establishment of the Office of Film and Video Industry Promotion to push forward the strategies and bridge the cooperation between the public and private sectors.

    A research in 2011 by the Federation of National Film Association of Thailand concluded that there were 192-thousand people working in the industry and 74-thousand business operators including films, animations, music and karaoke as well as games. Their asset value and income were total at about 50.7 and 77.5 billion baht respectively.

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    Question Sport and Tourism

    The issue is Sport and Tourism's is the Ministry for film at the moment and they already have similar plans. Maybe the two ministers should talk to each other?
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