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Thread: Please Help! His Son Missing in Phuket Thailand

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    Please Help! His Son Missing in Phuket Thailand

    A distressed father is appealing for help in finding his 43-year-old son who failed to make connection flights home.

    Mr. Wayne Bean expected his son to arrive back in Los Angeles on 28 November.

    However, after checking with the airlines it became obvious that his son, Brett Bean, had not made his 8:25am connection from Bangkok to Hong Kong. Wayne Bean does not have his son’s Phuket-Bangkok flight details for 27 November, so he is not sure if Brett has even left Phuket.

    Mr Bean described his son as slender, about 77 kilograms, and about 2 meters tall with “very short hair or bald”. Brett also has a large tattoo on the inside of his forearm.

    The last contact Mr Bean had with his son was on November 25, when he received an email saying that Brett had had lunch with friends.

    Anyone with information that may help locate Brett Bean is urged to contact the US Embassy Bangkok at + 66-2-205-4049.
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    Is he still missing?
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