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Thread: Alarming Aussie deaths in Thailand

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    Alarming Aussie deaths in Thailand

    Thailand is one of the top destinations for Aussies however the Foreign Affairs Department warns it's locals that there are some dangerous zones in Thailand and discourage them to go.

    In the past five years over 1300 Aussies have died in Thailand from mysterious and some unresolved causes.
    One of which is the case of Andrew Oake. Andrew was killed by three armed men due to unknown reason.
    One of the suspects was punished but was only given a three year good behavior bond.
    One was reportedly working as a Security Guard in Macau.
    Upto this date Andrew Oake's father is still looking for justice to be served for his son's death.

    News from PTNA - Personal Thailand News Agency

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    there is always crime in every country. We need to be real careful.

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    If it's your time to die, you'll eventually die. Yeah, you're right about that too. There's no safe place on Earth anymore, we all have to be vigilant!

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