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Thread: Thai Girls Scammed for Over 100 Million Baht through Handsome Guys in Facebook

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    Thai Girls Scammed for Over 100 Million Baht through Handsome Guys in Facebook

    The Trang women have been scammed into transferring almost 100,000 baht to a gang of blackmailers. There were many other victims who were too ashamed to come forward.

    The gang members posed as attractive looking foreign males and approached them via their Facebook accounts. The first woman said a man named “Wyne Smith” had promised to marry her, while another woman had unknowingly sent “compromising” photos of herself to “Alex Chris”.

    Later on they were repeatedly blackmailed into wiring money into specific accounts in Chon Buri and Songkhla.

    They decided to report to the swindle to authorities after being pressured into paying out hundreds of thousands of baht.

    Over 100 victims, mostly single females, divorcees or widowers, had been deceived into transferring over 100 million baht into the gang’s accounts. Apparently, the money was withdrawn in Malaysia.

    The police have frozen the accounts involved, before more women fall victim to the gang. Crime suppression police and the Thailand Transnational Crime Coordination Center have also been brought in to aid with the investigation.
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    This for sure is African guys i had so many of them approach me on tagged and on Facebook but i just delete them.

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    These girls should never trust just anyone on Facebook. I'm sure they can tell from who's being honest and not.

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    Exclamation Thai Girl Lost two million in Online Scam

    The 53-year-old woman, named only as “Ms A” by police, filed a complaint to Wichit Police yesterday after being asked to transfer an additional 2.3 million baht to a bank account in order to allegedly payoff Malaysian Customs and “international police”.

    Ms A found herself caught up in the drama after meeting a man on Facebook about three or four months ago who claimed to be Nick Henry from America, explained Sub Lt Suporn Muangkai of the Wichit Police.

    “At the beginning of October, Mr Henry told Ms A that he had sent her a parcel containing: a bag, a watch, an iPhone, chocolates and some money in cash. He told her that he had sent it through a logistical service,” Sub Lt Suporn said.

    Ms A followed the tracking number on the company’s website.

    “The website looks very similar to that of a world-renowned logistical service company,” added Sub Lt Suporn.

    The package appeared to go from the United States to England and then to Malaysia.

    “On October 11, I received a call from a lady who claimed that she was staff from the company in Malaysia,” Ms A said.

    “She told me that the parcel had been seized by Malaysian Customs, and that I needed to pay the company a 48,000-baht fee in order for them to take care of the situation,” Ms A said.

    Ms A transferred the money to a Bangkok Bank account based in Wichit.

    “A few days later, I received a call from a man who claimed that he was the Southeast Asia regional manager for the company. He explained that he had been contacted by international police, who had found 270,000 euros in a brown envelope inside the parcel,” Ms A said.

    Ms A was informed by the man that police suspected that she might be engaged in money laundering and were pursuing their investigation of her.

    “However, I was told that it all could be dealt with if I transferred 2 million baht to him,” Ms A said. “I believed the man and transferred the money to a Thanachart Bank account.”

    The man called Ms A again on October 28.

    “He asked for an additional 2.3 million baht. He claimed that the Malaysian Customs and international police were demanding more money,” Ms A said. “I did not have enough money left, so I talked with some of my foreign friends. They suspected I was being scammed, which is why I filed the complaint.”

    Wichit Police Inspector Passakorn Sonthikun immediately contacted Phuket Immigration Police and Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) in Bangkok to see if either of them could verify if Nick Henry was in their systems.

    “We will also contact Bangkok Bank and Thanachart Bank to check for the bank account details,” Lt Col Passakorn said.

    Wichit Police Superintendent Chaowalit Petchsripia warned social media users to beware of trusting anyone they met online.

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