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Thread: Krabi Rape Case Failed

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    Krabi Rape Case Failed

    The president of the Krabi Tourism Association has criticized the police for their handling of a rape case.

    The news follows the posting online of a YouTube music video called “Evil man from Krabi”. The video, posted online three weeks ago, protests the release of a local tour guide accused of rape.

    Text shown on the YouTube video reads: “In the night of July 27 our beloved daughter was beaten badly and raped by a Thai tour guide in Ao Nang of Krabi. The man escaped and was found after one month. They put him in jail but now he is free on bail and denying what happened.”

    This is a great example showing that government officers should solve problems, not ignore them. You have to help tourists and make them feel that they have not been abandoned by the Thai government.

    The tourism chief urged local authorities to be more transparent in their handling of affairs involving tourists.

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    He was a tour guide!? You can't really trust anyone around now. Tsk.

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