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Thread: Found Thai Woman Keeps Dead Husband in Trolley Travel Bag

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    Found Thai Woman Keeps Dead Husband in Trolley Travel Bag

    A Thai woman has been arrested on suspicion of killing and beheading her husband, then keeping his body in a trolley travel bag while she prepared to move out of Thitiwong apartment in Bang Khunnon, Bangkok.

    A security guard at Thitiwong apartment to call police after he spotted a man’s leg while helping Phonsuri Diphaeo age 36, take her belongings out of the room late Sunday morning.

    Mr. Prasit Sombunyanon age 47, is Ms Phonsuri’s husband and the room’s owner. He had suffered from muscle weakness (myasthenia gravis) and allegedly had often scolded and assaulted by his wif.

    Police detected traces of drugs in her urine, but so far have found no other major clues to the killing as Ms Phonsuri had given conflicting information to investigators.

    An initial inspection found Mr Prasit had been slashed about the body and his hands and ankles were also severed.

    After searching for other parts of the victim’s body in a canal near the apartment after witnesses said Ms Phonsuri earlier threw a bag into the water, police recovered the man’s head.
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    Clever girl take out the body part one by one and dump in the canal.

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    it is the caused of taking the prohibited drugs

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    what a cruel wife, she rip her husband very badly. such wives must be in jail for making such cruel crime.

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