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Thread: Vegetable Prices To Increase Due To Vegetarian Festival

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    Vegetable Prices To Increase Due To Vegetarian Festival

    A survey of fresh vegetables for sale at the Chokchai 4 market has found that, due to the flooding in numerous areas, the prices of vegetables, particularly leafy vegetables, have considerably increased from the previous month's. The average price increase is 5 to 20 THB per kilogram, though for certain vegetables, the price has doubled. This is a consequence of some of the crops being destroyed by flooding. The affected vegetables include Chinese cabbage, which was originally sold for 20 THB per kilogram, but can now be purchased for 25 THB per kilogram; lettuce, whose price has risen from 25 THB per kilogram to 60 THB; spring onions, originally priced at 35 THB a kilogram but now sold for 40 THB, and parsley, which has seen an increase from 42 THB per kilogram to 70 THB per kilogram. Certain vegetables have not been affected, and are sold at their original prices, such as Chinese kale,which costs 30 THB per kilogram.

    It has also been found that the majority of are concerned over the prices of vegetables, thanks to the upcoming Vegetarian Festival. It is believed the prices of vegetables will increase in the middle of next month, due to the increased demands during the festival, and to the flooding, which will likely damage more yields. Consumers are asking the Ministry of Commerce to keep a close eye on the situation and put measures into place to keep the prices stable.

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    This is such a bad news for me! I love vegetables and I can't go on a day without it!

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