Two brothers take a trip to Tibet to visiting a mythical place called Shambhala where Tibetan people believe is the nearest place to the heaven.

Set in Tibet and starring popular actors Ananda Everingham and Sunny Suwanmethanon, "Shambhala" has all the ingredients to draw viewers to the cinema. Yet it's only now, three years after it was shot, that the movie is finally opening.

Shambhala tells the story of estranged brothers Wut (Sunny) and Tin (Ananda), who travel to Shambhala for very different reasons. Straitlaced Wut is on a quest to carry out his ailing girlfriend Num (Nalinthip Phermphatsakul)'s dream of taking photographs of Shamhala in the hope in will make her better. Feckless Tin then shows up out of the blue and decides to join Wut on the trip to get away from his problems with his lady friend Jane (Osa Wang).

Director by: Panjapong Kongkanoi