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Thread: Chinese Call Centre Gang In Jail Thailand

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    Chinese Call Centre Gang In Jail Thailand

    The 22 defendants call centre gang were arrested March 28 following a joint investigation involving police from Thailand, China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

    The defendants guilty of using Thailand as a base of operations to call victims and convince them to send money via ATM machines to accounts set up by the gang.

    The Bangkok Criminal Court sentenced 15 mainland Chinese and 7 Taiwanese to 3 years in jail for a call centre scam that bilked about 300 million dollars from victims in China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

    The sentences were reduced to 18 months after they all admitted their guilt.
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    300 million dollars? This gang is not just a small time group. This is a very organized group!
    It is alarming. This should serve as a warning to people to be very careful with dealing with money.

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    That is too much money for scamming! I don't think they have a conscience at all! And jailed for 18 months only!?

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