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Thread: Thammasat University Allows Cross-Dressing Graduates

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    Thammasat University Allows Cross-Dressing Graduates

    Thammasat University, a leading university of Thailand for the first time has given permission to five cross-dressing students to wear women's gowns at their graduation ceremony this month.

    The university allows undergraduate students to cross-dress in classes and was under increasing pressure to extend the flexible dress code to graduation gowns.

    At least four cross-dressing students had asked for permission to dress as women at last year's graduation ceremony but were denied.

    The university OK'd the new dress code after receiving a go-ahead from the Royal Household Bureau, which handles questions of etiquette for all functions involving the Thai royal family. Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn is to preside over the university's 30 August graduation ceremony.
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    Victory for the ladyboys

    Nobody can say that Thailand discriminant the transgender, cross dresser or ladyboys at least. I never think that would be allowed in any other country unless you did a complete sex change and got a girl ID card. But from what i understand these boys are just ladyboys and not yet made a swap to be girls.
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    In my opinion they should stick to the rules that the graduation is a ceremony and it's not a fashion show.

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