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Thread: Damages In Mae Sot After Floods From Moei River

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    Damages In Mae Sot After Floods From Moei River

    The water level in the Moei River has receded after the river had overflowed its banks on Friday, flooding villages in Mae Sot district of Tak province.

    Mae Sot Municipality was declared an emergency zone on Friday, following a recent bout of heavy rains. Residents living near the river, which forms the border between Thailand and Myanmar, have been told to evacuate and move their belongings to higher grounds.

    The flooding has caused damage to property, household items as well as export products. 300 Japanese cars, which were scheduled to be delivered from Mae Sot to Myanmar’s Myawaddy, have been submerged in floodwater.

    Head district officer of Mae Sot, Preecha Jaipetch, said the office is currently inspecting damage caused by the flash floods in and around the municipality.

    He added that the district office has been allocated a budget of 3 million baht for flood rehabilitation projects and that Mae Sot Municipality is planning to construct more waterways to drain out the flood.

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    How many years they have to fix this? Corruption all the time and never fix anything.

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