Chiang Mai Zoo is holding activities to commemorate the “World Cats Day” in hopes to raise awareness about cats after having found that a large number of cats have been abandoned and many cat species have been extinct.

The “World Cats Day” is being celebrated at Chiang Mai Zoo during August 8-10, 2012. Chiang Mai Zoo stated that the event is focused on the importance of world animals, not just wild animals, but also the importance of domesticated animals as well.

Because some animal species are nearly or have been extinct from this world, Chiang Mai Zoo is motivated to organize the event to raise awareness among Thai people about cats. Even though many cats are kept as pets in people’s homes, but a lot of cats are abandoned on the streets as well. Some people leave their unwanted cats in temples and schools, which causes a lot of problems such as diseases and breeding problem.

Therefore, activities on the “World Cats Day” are emphasized on educating cat owners on how to raise cats in a proper way. Additionally, Chiang Mai Zoo is providing vaccination, health check-up, and sterilization for cats.

Those interested people are encouraged to visit the “World Cats Day” event or bring your cats for a check-up.

Date: 10 August, 2012
Location: Chiang Mai Zoo