Thailand ranks second in the first half of this year on the list of countries whose servers hackers use to phish.

The Thai government has set up a national cyber security committee that will link databases between key state authorities to strengthen the country's mission-critical infrastructure and prevent cyber attacks.

Thai government plans to install a 1billion baht computer security technology foundation to cope with cyber warfare.

The creation of the committee marked an important step in the country's computer security preparations.

The committee will have at least ten organizations divided into 3 groups. The first consists of regulators including the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission and the Bank of Thailand.

The second group comprises of law enforcement agencies such as the Justice Ministry and the Royal Thai Police.

The third involves national security authorities such as the Defence Ministry and the National Security Council.

The ICT Ministry is working with the NBTC on a subsidy for internet service providers that will encourage them to improve their security systems without raising prices for their consumers.