Ms. Nainapat Sungkhanukit, provincial officer of the Department of Internal Trade for Mae Hong Son, says that her office will hold another fair selling low-cost products this month to help lower living expenses. The so-called Blue Flag Fair will be the seventh of its kind in this province, and will take place from July 29 to 31 at the View Point area in Mae La Noi district.

Over 60 shops are expected to participate in the event, to offer goods at low price to help ease the high cost of living. Products available in the fair are mostly of daily needs, particularly household goods and food. The previous Blue Flag Fair in this province was held in the area around the Khun Yuam district airport, and it was a success. Products that were sold like hotcakes in that fair were vegetable oil, eggs, pork, and sugar. They have become ever popular in this kind of fair.

Blue Flag products are offered at prices 20-40% lower than normal market prices.

Date: 29-31 July, 2012
Location: Mae La Noi district, Mae Hong Son