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Thread: Power Of Thai's Women

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    Power Of Thai's Women

    The government is planning to organize a special event to promote women’s power and their productive roles in the society.

    Minister to the PM’s Office Nalini Thawisin, who chairs the Women Development Fund Project, said on Wednesday that the government will host a special event titled “Women’s Power, A Driving Force for Thailand”, at Impact-Muang Thong Thani on July 31st.

    Mrs. Nalini said that Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra will chair the opening ceremony, with all female diplomats in Thailand invited to join the launch of the Women Development Fund and the transfer of the fund to all provinces.

    According to the PM’s Office Minister, several activities to promote the roles of women in the country have been planned.

    In addition, special exhibitions will also be organized on the day to pay respect to HM Queen Sirikit, who is seen as the model of Thai women, and to present the origin, the direction and the strategies of the Women Development Fund.

    News from NNT
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    It will turns goods. All people should treat equally without caring if it is a man/woman.

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    By organizing such events, women's are promoted in society. it will increase women's power in each and every productive roles in the society. it also removes the evil of discrimination between man/woman.

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